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Welcome to Cre8tive Apparel, your premier destination for Maxmetal signs that deliver a perfect blend of durability, versatility, and visual impact.


Our website showcases a wide range of high-quality Maxmetal signs designed to elevate your brand visibility, convey important messages, and create a lasting impression.


Discover the exceptional quality and versatility of our Maxmetal signs, crafted with precision and expertise. Maxmetal is a lightweight, rigid material that combines the strength of aluminum with a solid plastic core, resulting in a durable and weather-resistant sign that is built to last. With its smooth surface and sleek appearance, Maxmetal provides a professional and polished look for your signage needs.


At Cre8tive Apparel, we understand the importance of customization. Our website offers a variety of sizes, shapes, and customization options to match your specific branding and marketing needs. Whether you need signs for storefronts, trade shows, events, or any other commercial setting, our Maxmetal signs are designed to adapt to your unique requirements.


With our Maxmetal signs, you can confidently showcase your brand, advertise promotions, convey important information, or create stunning visual displays. The durability and weather resistance of Maxmetal ensure that your signs maintain their visual impact and readability, even in outdoor environments.


From elegant business signage to eye-catching promotional displays, our Maxmetal signs make a statement that stands the test of time.


At Cre8tive Apparel, we are committed to customer satisfaction. Our dedicated team is here to assist you throughout the entire process, from selecting the right Maxmetal sign to providing guidance on design and customization. We pride ourselves on delivering top-quality products that exceed your expectations.

Experience the durability and visual impact of our Maxmetal signs today.


Explore our website and discover a wide range of designs and customization options to match your brand identity. With our high-quality Maxmetal signs, you can enhance your brand visibility and make a lasting impression on customers.


Elevate your signage game with Maxmetal signs from Cre8tive Apparel. Start browsing our website now and take your marketing efforts to new heights with our exceptional signage solutions.


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Color: White
  • Description

    Maxmetal® panels are vinyl receptive, screen printable and flatbed digital printable.


    They can be used for creating site signs, directional signs, wall signs, 3D lettering and display signs.


    Maxmetal Brushed | White | Silver is a durable, high-quality product perfect for any commercial application. Maxmetal has a brushed finish provides a unique look and feel, while its white and silver accents add a touch of modern sophistication.


    With its solid construction and superior performance, Maxmetal is a great choice for any business that wants to make a statement.


    Maxmetal is designed to offer maximum protection against wear and tear, and its easy maintenance ensures that it will last for years to come.


    Maxmetal is the perfect choice for any commercial application.


    Maxmetal Brushed




    • Two pre-painted sheets of .15 mm aluminum bonded to a solid, 100% recycled polyethylene core
    • Our aluminum alloy offers a continuous flat and rigid surface
    • Quality, long-lasting aluminum composite panel
    • Resists scratching and denting better than wood panels
    • Fire rated to ASTM E84
    • 4 millimeters thick


    Artwork setup:


    1. Setup artwork in size. If you need rounded corners, any shape cutout, please upload the second vector file for a cut line.


    2. Setup your files to be CMYK.    We are not responsible for color shifts if there are any PMS colors or RGB colors in your file. You can ask to print color swatch for color proof.


    3. Make sure all of your images are not more than 150 dpi, but in real size.


    4. Accepted files: .PDF .JPG .Tiff.


    If you have more then 1 file to print, you can upload compressed files(zip)


    Any files received that do not meet this criteria will result in order cancellation or additional charges for file corrections and mandatory Proofs.

  • About

    Looking for a durable and sleek signage solution? Look no further than our Maxmetal signs. Crafted with precision and expertise, Maxmetal signs offer a perfect blend of strength and style.


    These signs, made with a solid plastic core sandwiched between layers of aluminum, provide exceptional durability and resistance to the elements. With their smooth surface and modern appearance, Maxmetal signs make a lasting impression. Whether you need signage for business fronts, trade shows, or events, our Maxmetal signs deliver maximum visibility and impact.


    At Cre8tive Apparel, we are making a difference in the way people express themselves through custom printing, embroidery, and Maxmetal signs.


    e pride ourselves on providing the fastest turnaround in Miami with same day printing.


    Our goal is to provide our clients with top quality products and services that meet their needs.


    Don't settle for ordinary signage. Contact us today to order your custom Maxmetal signs and elevate your brand presence with this premium signage option. Let's make a statement with our high-quality Maxmetal signs!

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