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Welcome to the Cre8tive Apparel online destination for vinyl banners, where your marketing and promotional needs meet exceptional quality and stunning designs.


Cre8tive Apparel offers a vast selection of vinyl banners that are perfect for capturing attention and making a bold statement.


Discover the versatility and impact of our vinyl banners, designed to elevate your brand visibility at events, storefronts, trade shows, and beyond.


Our banners are meticulously crafted using high-quality vinyl material, ensuring durability and vibrant colors that withstand the test of time. With a range of sizes and customization options available, you can create a tailored banner that perfectly aligns with your unique messaging and branding.


Our vinyl banners are not only visually striking but also highly functional. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, they are weather-resistant and can withstand various environmental conditions, ensuring your message remains clear and vibrant in any setting. With their lightweight and easy-to-install features, our banners can be effortlessly set up and taken down, allowing for quick and hassle-free deployment.


At Cre8tive Apparel, we take pride in providing exceptional customer service. Our dedicated team is ready to assist you throughout the entire process, from selecting the right vinyl banner to offering expert advice on design and customization. We understand the importance of your marketing efforts, and we are committed to delivering products that meet and exceed your expectations.


Explore our extensive range of vinyl banners and unlock the power of impactful visual communication. Whether you're promoting a sale, announcing an event, or showcasing your brand, our banners will captivate your audience and leave a lasting impression. With our high-quality vinyl banners, you can effectively communicate your message and enhance your brand visibility.


Experience the versatility, durability, and visual appeal of our vinyl banners today. Browse our website to find the perfect banner that aligns with your marketing goals.


Elevate your brand presence and make a statement that truly stands out with our exceptional vinyl banners.


Vinyl banners are constructed from a durable and lightweight material that is resistant to weather, water, and humidity. The internal makeup of the vinyl, called a “weft inserted knit” or internal scrim, reinforces the material and makes for a very strong and durable outdoor material for your sign.


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  • Description

    Vinyl banners are perfect for any business or organization looking for an eye-catching way to advertise.


    Vinyl Banners are durable and weather-resistant.  These types of vinyl banners are great for both indoor and outdoor use and can be used for a variety of purposes, such as promoting products, services, and events.


    With a variety of sizes, colors, and designs available, vinyl banners are perfect for any business or organization wanting to make a statement.


    Custom vinyl banners are one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to send a message. Vinyl banners come in a variety of customizable sizes so you can find the one that perfectly fits your needs.


    They can be printed horizontally or vertically, in various sizes, and in materials suited for both indoor and outdoor display. 


    Vinyl banners are durable and lightweight so you can easily hang or display them in many different settings.


    Vinyl banner materials are waterproof and fade-resistant, and strong enough to withstand all types of environments.


    Thicker banners are well suited for outdoor applications where weather resistance is an issue, while lighter and less expensive materials are ideal for indoor use. 


    Make a big statement in indoor and outdoor settings. Create custom designs to promote restaurant delivery services or establish your real estate offerings. 


    Millions of potential customers learn about local businesses by seeing their signage as they drive or walk by, and custom banners are the perfect way to bring them to your business.

    A custom vinyl banner: 

    Is one of the most cost-effective ways to advertise and build your brand.

    Can be designed specifically to meet your needs.

    Comes in a variety of sizes (including custom sizes at Signazon), in both horizontal and vertical orientations, to fit anywhere.

    Is colorful and eye-catching for all types of businesses


    Custom Vinyl Banners for Special Events


    In addition to advertising your business, custom vinyl banners are ideal for special events.


    You can have a custom banner printed in whatever size you want for: 

    Graduation banners
    Welcome home signs
    Bridal showers
    Baby showers
    Sports teams & individual recognition
    Religious events & celebrations
    Family reunions
    Company parties
    Holiday parties


    Vinyl banners come in two thickness options: thirteen-ounce (13 oz.) vinyl, which is ideal for everyday display, and eighteen-ounce (18 oz.) vinyl, which is recommended for heavy-duty displays.


    Vinyl banners are versatile and can be used for a wide variety of purposes. They are commonly used for grand opening and coming soon announcements, sales and promotions, special events, sporting events, tradeshows, and exhibits.

    They provide an affordable and effective way to reach new customers and reconnect with old buyers.

    Durable vinyl banner is perfect for indoor or outdoor advertising.

    Vinyl banners are constructed from a durable and lightweight material that is resistant to weather, water, and humidity.


    The internal makeup of the vinyl, called a “weft inserted knit” or internal scrim, reinforces the material and makes for a very strong and durable outdoor material for your sign.


    There are several ways to reinforce vinyl banners. One way is to add reinforced corners. Reinforced corners are made of 13 oz. vinyl banner material that is reinforced with 1 3/16" PVC coated webbing to provide added toughness. 


    The material is cut into a triangle and added to each of the corners of the banner on the backside. 


    The einforced corners provide extra strength for the banner.


    Another way to reinforce vinyl banners is to use hemmed  edges. Hemmed edges reinforce the sides of your vinyl banners to maintain their shape and prevent stretching. Power tape can also be used to reinforce the edges of shear-cut banners or banners that have no material available for hemmed edges.


    Material: 13 oz. front-lit mat banner material UltraFlex printed with original UV ink.  Width of the material is 126", bigger sizes we weld together.


    Sizes vary in height and width and are suitable for a wide range of commercial uses. Typically sizes range from 6’ x 3’ (72" x 36"), 4’ x 2’ (48" x 24"), and 8’ x 4’ (96" x 48").


    With a weather and UV-resistant finish, this banner can be used both indoors and outdoors, providing a long-lasting solution for your business needs.


    All custom banners are prepared for outdoor display with:

    Reinforced edges protect against tearing at the spot where you secure the banner with rope, zip ties, or other fasteners.


    Reinforced webbing strengthens your vinyl banner by adding 1-inch cross-stitched nylon strips inside the reinforced edges. This is essential for very large banners to protect the strength and durability, and strengthens the area around the grommets to significantly reduce the chance of tearing from wind.

    Grommets (metal finishes) around the holes ensure that your fasteners won’t tear the banner in a place where it’s more vulnerable. 
    High-quality printing that is bright and crisp to display your message. 

    Super smooth block-out vinyl with strengthening fibers for added wind resistance and durability. 

    Two-sided printing so it’s visible from every angle outside your business and you can display multiple messages. We use a heavier 18 oz vinyl for two-sided banners.

    Design & Costs for Custom Banners

    Vinyl banners are a very affordable solution. 

    Prices are based on:  

    One-sided or two-sided print
    Outdoor vs indoor
    Options like reinforced webbing or grommets

     Artwork setup:

    1. Setup artwork size to be the same size that is ordered.  Bleeds are not required

    2. Setup your files to be CMYK.

        We are not responsible for color shifts if there sre any PMS colors or RGB colors in your file. You can ask to print color swatch for color proof.

    3. Make sure all of your images are not more then 150 dpi, but in real size.

    4. Accepted files: .PDF .JPG .Tiff.


    If you have more then 1 file to print, you can upload compressed files(zip)

    Any files received that do not meet this criteria will result in order cancellation or additional charges for file corrections and mandatory Proofs.


    Please Note: JAN 1st 2019 UPS have changed their oversized fees. As a result, All banners 48" or longer on their shortest side will be folded and shipped in a square box. All banners 48"  and under on their shortest side will be rolled and shipped in standard corrugated boxes.

  • About

    When it comes to promoting your business or event, vinyl banners are a versatile and effective advertising tool. With their vibrant colors, durability, and weather resistance, vinyl banners ensure your message stands out and withstands the elements.


    Our vinyl banners are expertly crafted, available in various sizes and designs, and can be customized to suit your specific needs. Whether you're looking for outdoor advertising, trade show displays, or storefront promotions, our high-quality vinyl banners deliver maximum visibility and impact.


    Trust our professional printing services to create eye-catching vinyl banners that capture attention and drive results.

    At Cre8tive Apparel, we are making a difference in the way people express themselves through custom printing, embroidery, and vinyl banners.


    We pride ourselves on providing the fastest turnaround in Miami with same day printing.


    Our goal is to provide our clients with top quality products and services that meet their needs.

    Contact us today for all your vinyl banner needs.

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