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Welcome to Cre8tive Apparel, the ultimate destination for high-quality retractable banners. Whether you're looking to promote your business, exhibit at trade shows, or make a statement at events, we have the perfect portable display solutions to meet your needs.


Our retractable banners combine exceptional craftsmanship, eye-catching designs, and effortless setup, making them the ideal choice for any occasion.



Discover a wide selection of retractable banners that are designed to make a lasting impact. From trade show banners that demand attention on the showroom floor to event banners that elevate your brand presence, our collection caters to every requirement.


We offer a range of sizes, materials, and customizable options, allowing you to create a unique and tailored display that captures your brand's essence.


Our retractable banners are not only visually stunning but also highly practical. With their retractable mechanisms and lightweight construction, they are incredibly easy to transport and set up.


You can effortlessly assemble them within minutes, ensuring a hassle-free experience wherever you go. Additionally, our banners are built to last, constructed with durable materials that withstand repeated use and maintain their vibrant colors and sharp graphics.


At our Cre8tive Apparel, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer service. Our team of experts is here to assist you every step of the way, helping you choose the perfect retractable banner for your specific needs.


We understand the importance of your promotional efforts and strive to provide you with top-notch products that exceed your expectations.



Browse our extensive collection of retractable banners and unlock the power of effective visual communication.


Transform any space into a captivating display that leaves a lasting impression on your audience. With our high-quality and easy-to-use retractable banners, you'll effortlessly elevate your brand and make a statement wherever you go.


Experience the convenience, quality, and impact of our retractable banners today. Start browsing our website and take your promotional efforts to new heights.

Why do you need a Retractable Banner?


Pull up displays, and roller banners, are a popular choice for businesses and organizations looking for an easy-to-use and portable advertising solution. 

These banners are designed to be easily expanded and retracted from a durable metal base, making them quick to set up and take down. 

Retractable banners come with a free carrying case, making them easy to transport to trade shows, conferences, events, farmers markets, and more. 

With the ability to print custom designs in vibrant colors, pop up or roll up banners offer a unique combination of convenience, flexibility, and style that can help attract attention and create a lasting impression.

Design custom pop-up banners to advertise on the go. These portable solutions are perfect for events, trade shows, promotions, and retail displays for all types of businesses.

Retractable banners are an affordable and easy way to advertise your business.  

Retractable banners are perfect for all types of businesses to use again and again.

Branding your business or product by adding your logo to a Retractable banner with high quality graphics and eye-catching designs from Cre8tive Apparel to help your business get noticed when it matters most.


Millions of businesses use retractable banners for a variety of advertising and display needs. They can be set up indoors and outdoors, offering the flexibility to move and adjust for all different settings.


You can also add weights on top of the retractable banner stands to hold up even in breezy conditions.


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  • Description

    Retractable Retractable | Also known as Pop up or roll up banners, are used to get attention.

    Retractable banners can be used in so many ways, but are especially popular for events and trade shows because they are:


    Portable – retractable banners roll up into a small cylinder for storage.

    Durable – a protective metal stand protects against damage when transporting banners to and from your events and in storage.

    Scratch and fade resistant – a scratch-resistant coating protects the printed area from damage so you can get it out and put it away over and over without worrying.  

    Simple to set up – these banners can be set up and taken down in minutes, and only require a single person.

    Easy to transport – each of our banners comes with a soft case that protects your banner when it’s not in use and the shoulder strap makes it easy to carry to any booth or event space.

    Eye-catching – retractable banners are more than six feet tall when they are fully extended so your logo and marketing messages are visible from a distance.
    Retractable Banner 



    With Grey Back Smooth Banner. 

    Made of 10.4 mil modern polypropylene plastic
    Stands at 78 inches height
    Available in 3 widths; 36 inches is most popular
    Easy transport & set up.
    Carrying case.

     Artwork setup:

    1. Setup artwork in sizes.   Bleeds are not required.


    2. Setup your files to be CMYK.   We are not responsible for color shifts if there are any PMS colors or RGB colors in your file. You can ask to print color swatch for color proof.


    3. Make sure all of your images are not more than 150 dpi, but in real size.


    4. Accepted files: .PDF .JPG .Tiff.


    If you have more then 1 file to print, you can upload compressed files(zip)

    Any files received that do not meet this criteria will result in order cancellation or additional charges for file corrections and mandatory Proofs.

  • About

    Looking for a versatile and portable advertising solution? Our retractable banners are the perfect choice. With their easy setup, compact design, and high-quality printing, our retractable banners make a bold statement wherever you go.


    Whether it's trade shows, events, or promotional displays, our retractable banners ensure maximum visibility and brand exposure.


    Choose from a range of sizes, styles, and customization options to create a retractable banner that perfectly suits your needs. With durable materials and vibrant graphics, our retractable banners are designed to leave a lasting impression.


    At Cre8tive Apparel, we are making a difference in the way people express themselves through custom printing, embroidery, and retractable banners.


    We pride ourselves on providing the fastest turnaround in Miami with same day printing.


    Our goal is to provide our clients with top quality products and services that meet their needs.


    Don't miss out on this effective marketing tool. Explore our selection of retractable banners today and elevate your brand visibility to new heights.


    Contact us today.

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